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Yamaha Introduced Newest MotoGP Livery For 5 Products!

AutonetMagz – If you fond of racing sports, probably some of you are a fans of MotoGp, yes the motorbike racing has become one of the favorite sport in Indonesia, as a lot of people idolized riders such as Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa, Maverick Vinales, Andrea Dovisioso, so on.

Looking the market segment who idolized bikes at MotoGP, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) introduced their top products to arrive with a livery from the team racing in the MotoGP. Voila all this 5 models now transforming and using a MotoGP livery, the products are Yamaha Aerox 155 Movistar, Yamaha All New R15 Movistar, Yamaha R25 Movistar, Yamaha All New V-Ixion Movistar and Yamaha MX-King Movistar.

All five products introduced on the Pekan Raya Jakarta on last Saturday, 8th July 2017. As basically YIMM almost every year introduced this livery for the ir line-ups, so why there is no Yamaha N-Max with this livery? it is because the N-Max emphasize more on touring usage, so only Yamah with R DNA who got this treatment.

For the price tag, Yamaha set a higher price tag for this MotoGP livery, as for scooter and cub, the price difference at around IDR 200 thousand, as other models, the price difference would be around IDR 700 thousand. Yamaha put a price tag of IDR 21.6 million for the MX King Movistar, as the Aerox 155 VVA Movistar priced at IDR 24.25 million. As for the Sport variant, the All New Vixion Movistar price set at IDR 26.7 million, as the All New R15 VVA 155 Movistar priced at IDR 35.1 million, while the last one, the R25 Movistar priced at IDR 56.8 million.

Surely this MotoGP livery arrival will give more choices for you MotoGP lovers in Indonesia.