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Thousands Of BMW R1200GS Recalled, With A Suspension Problem!

AutonetMagz – Recall waves on motorcycle happened once more, and it involves big name of BMW Motorrad. As the recall campaign done globally and involving the BMW R1200GS.

Around 150,000 units of R1200 GS who should be recalled and brought to workshops. Not only the R1200GS as the R1200GS Adventure model got the same fate, as the recall involving the front suspensions or fork stanchions who needs to be replaced.

BMW Motorrad itself has investigating this problem and they claimed that the front for suspension tube are quite fragile in a high pressure, and they said that the users wouldn’t be aware with it. Te high pressure they meant is during the bike passing through steep roads or an accident that causing the bike to topple down or passing a pothole in a very high speed.

Those conditions will create a high pressure on the suspensions and causing the gap between the pipe and seal of front suspension. Surely it will increase the accident potential or injury of the rider so BMW needs to replaced it.

This recall campaign will check and replace the component for free, as for BMW Motorrad in Indonesia, they haven;t releases anything related with this problem, which probably they will do it soon enough.