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Starting 2040, Internal Combustion Engine Powered Cars Will Be Banned In France!

AutonetMagz – Several years behind, some Europe countries start a step to prepare themselves for a new era in mobility, either with electric power, hydrogen power, or other alternative source of energy. From all EU countries, France could be said as the leader of this movement as currently they have given a subsidy for electric cars.

The next step will be even more bolder, as Minsitry of environment of France, Nicolas Hulot did said that internal combustion engine powered cars will be banned in France on 2040, as it aligned with France President vision, Emmanuel Macron who dream of “Make the planet great again”.

This movement is an initiative so France could become a “carbon neutral” country at 2050. As to accelerate the distribution of environmental friendly vehicles, Hulot said that “Government will offer a bonus for every France citizen who replace their Diesel cars build before 1997, or gasoline cars build before 2001 with a new or used cars.”

It remains unknown whether how big the incentive would be, but it will support peoples to switch to a more efficient vehicles. Based on a report from The Telegraph, Hulot did admit that the idea will become a polemics for car makers, but he said that France automotive industry will be ready to face those challenges, as he did mentioned Volvo plans to change their cars into electric cars on 2019.

France did have a lot of homework to be done, as the report indicates that gasoline and Diesel engines has donate 95.2 percent of new car sales until half period of this year, in the other side, hybrid cars reaching 3.5 %, as electric cars just reaching 1.2%.

Despite those challenges, France joins several other countries who try to forbid gasoline and Diesel engine cars in the future.