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McLaren: AWD Drivetrain? Why Not!

AutonetMagz – In the supercar league, only Lamborghini who prefer AWD in tehir line-ups, such as Aventador and Huracan. Ferrari did follows by releasing the FF who now become GTC4 Lusso who said as the best daily driven Ferrari.

So how about McLaren? since appears with the MO4-12C, P1, 650S, 570S, and now the 720S, they remain to use RWD, but recently, McLaren boss, Mike Flewitt, said to Carsnaddriver during Goodwood that, “We haven’t reach it yet, but we are nearing the limit, as we haven’t planned for it (AWD) but we do realized we will going to that way eventually.”

McLaren said that they are nearing the limit, is due to time after time, McLaren cars have bigger power, and there is a possibility for a RWD not able to handle it anymore. The current McLaren 720S fitted with 720 PS to the rear wheel, as the P1 came with 903 hp to the rear wheel, but Koenigsegg do have a 1,000 hp to the rear wheel.

But they remains to avoid driveshaft to realized their AD car, as they want to fitted in an electric car for the front wheels and gasoline engine for the rear wheel. “Our hybrid architecture indeed a flexible one, and in terms of engineering, there is no advantage to put a driveshaft at the middle of the car for AWD”.

But before moving to AWD, they intend to fitted an engine mounting directly to the rear passenger shells, while the gearbox directly fitted to the engine.So let’s look and wait where this design would be.