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Long Awaited In Indonesia, This Long Version Of Karimun Arrived In China

AutonetMagz – its a disappointment when looking forward several years ago, Suzuki bring the concept version of Karimun Wagon R with a 7 seater configuration. But until the arrival of Daihatsu Sigra and Toyota Calya who just dominate the market, no realization for this concept from PT. Suzuki Indomobil sales.

But a surprising news came from China, as a quite similar design as the 7-seater Karimun, just introduced in China, called as Changhe Beidouxing, whi basically is a Suzuki partner for China market, so we could say that it is the Chinese version of Karimun Wagon R 7 Seater. The car itself will be officially introduced on upcoming September 2017 only for China market.

This new car will be manufactured at Changhe Auto factory who are part of Beijing Auto Industry Corporation ( BAIC ). Despite after the acquisition by BAIC, Changhe brand are in turnmoil, but they remains to sell the Suzuki Beidouxing at a price tag of 39,900 CNY with a 1.4 liter engine 97 hp. Besides the Beidouxing who is similar as the Karimun Wagon R, there also the Changhe Beidouxing X5 who remains to be available and take form of a 7-seater model sold by Suzuki and Changhe.

This new generation measures bigger tahn the previous version, as the dimension will reach a height of 3,950 mm, width of 1,740 mm, and height of 1,690 mm along with a longer wheelbase of 2,530 mm and remains to use the same 1.4 liter engine with 101 hp.

One thing for sure, besides the headlight and side body profile who was taken from Suzuki Karimun Wagon R, no other Suzuki heritage applied in this car, as the car itself wil not using a Suzuki emblem anymore and replaced it with Beiqi Changhe at the left side, who stands for Beijing Qiche (Beijing Auto).

The overall design are quite simple with not much attractive accent within it, as from the side, it apply a fan-shaped wheels along with a strong Karimun Wagon R profile, except from the C-pillar part. As on the rear, it looks less proportional with a square tail lamp, despite it fitted with a 4 point parking sensor with high mount stoplamp, rear wiper and reflector.