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LCGC Indonesia Market: Karimun and Datsun Were Battered!

AutonetMagz – The LCGC (Low Cost Green Car or KBH2) program indeed accelerate Indonesia’s automotive market. As from many auto makers in Indonesia, there are 7 representatives included into this categories, which are Toyota Calya and Agya, Daihatsu Ayla and Sigra, Honda with Brio Satya, Suzuki with Karimun Wagon R, and Datsun with GO and GO+ Panca.

Despite it came with an affordable price tag thanks to the 0% luxury tax policies. Problem of 3S, models, build quality, safety features, and a lot more has become a main concern where each makers try to fulfilled.

With this fierce competition, surely some models were left behind, and based on the April 2017 sales n the LCGC segment, the Suzuki Karimun Wagon R, Datsun Go Panca and Datsun Go+ Panca sits on the bottom of the segment, as Toyota Calya and Honda Brio Satya manage to become the champion and runner up base on April 2017 Gaikindo Data.

Suzuki only manage to set 354 units on April for teh Karimun Wagon R, far below compared to the previous month with 1,114 units. Datsun experienced the same problem too, with 781 units of total sales for GO and GO+ Panca, far below 2,973 units on the previous month.

Those models basically got its on plus and minuses, but looking at their rival who recently got a major facelift, really add more pressure to their sales. As Suzuki and Datsun should give a more significant facelift to their products to be able to compete in this fierce segment.

Looking at other model in this segment, surely you could see that this model is a new model, as Toyota Calya and Daihatsu Sigra was considered as a new model, while the Agya, Ayla and Brio Satya just got a major facelift recently, which is automatically more attractive.

So there is no choices for Suzuki and Datsun if they want to remain competitive in this segment, they need to do something fast, as despite it surely costs more development money, but its the only way to maintain their competitiveness.