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JD Power Quality Study: Korean Rules, Italy-UK-Sweden Plummets!

AutonetMagz – JD Power recently finished their quality survey of car brands in the USA. As their latest study judge about dependability and initial quality of many car brands, in here they gather more than 80,000 mainstream car buyers and analyze the problems happening within the first 90 days of car ownership.

The score counted using an average of problem per 100 cars (PP100). The smaller the PP100 numbers, the better a certain brand or model. For this 2017, KIA become the champion in 2 years in a row, with Genesis as a premium brand at the 2nd place, and Hyundai at 8th place.

Porsche at the 3rd place after KIA and Genesis, while the worst are Fiat, Volvo, and Jaguar, as in this study they are in the bottom 3. According to this latest study, these new cars are in a good condition, especially in terms of features.

This surely become a good thing for a car brand, as quality and reliability becomes 2 best things that make the customer not only a customer, but a loyal one. Models who got a high marks in this 2017 study are KIA Forte, KIA Cadenza, KIA Soul, MINI Cooper, BMW 4 Series, Toyota Camry, Ford Mustang, Chrysler Pacifica, Lexus GS and Porsche 911.

So basically what are the problems complained by the car owner in their first 90 days of ownership? The most common one is how complicated a certain functions to be run, along with section such as head unit or infotainment system, along with electronic assist features such as HSA, HDC, stability control and self-parking system.