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Honda Stops NM4 Vultus, But Remain Ready To Order!

AutonetMagz – Around 1 or 2 past years, basically we are quite familiar with the futuristic motorbikes from Honda, the Honda NM4. As Astra Honda Motor introduced this bike along with other big bike line-up and sold in the Big Wing dealers across Indonesia.

Frankly they didn’t need many promotion to sell this bike? as the bike really attractive when you ride it on road, due to its futuristic and edgy design, But this attractiveness of the bike didn’t affect the sales, as currently AHM stops the Honda NM4 Vultus supply, except you order it directly through the Big Wing dealers.

Quoted from Kompas automotive website, the bike price now remains unclear, as it depends on when you order it. AHM Marketing Director, Thomas Wijaya also said that so far no further interest from the market towards this bike, as based on last year AISI data, AHM only able to sell 3 units of his bike with last known price of IDR 435 Million.

Surely the price tag was quite expensive, as this 750 cc 2 cylinder DOHC base price in Japan are at IDR 200 million. This 54 dk and 68 nm of torque bike basically are attractive enough, as besides its futuristic design, it apply the DCT technology with 6 speed, along with riding mode and manual mode.

We do think that the price who really affects the acceptance of peoples towards this bike, as with those kind of price range, a lot more bigger displacement bike was available to be chosen.