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Honda Civic Type R TCR Ready For A Stroll In Circuit!

AutonetMagz – For you who are not satisfied with the standard Honda Civic Type R, one new things came from TCR, a tuner from Japan, as they give a solution by creating a Civic type R in a form of Touring car, as TCR themselves often modify Type R for Touring needs since the Type R FK2 generation.

As this car meant for touring race, you could see that at the front, they apply a huge splitter, along with a custom bumper and ventilated engine hood.

Besides that, several supporting parts such as side skirt, bigger wheels arc, and hige rear spoiler strengthen its destination as a race car.

As for the engine, TCR didn’t specially tuned the engine like HKS who got a racing spec engine on the Lancer Evo CT230R, as it remains to use the same spec but with a further tune to reach 330 hp.

Those amount of power will be distributed through a MT, or a Sequential gearbox. The enhanced rollbar and ECu are being set as standard, as the car actual price tag remains unknown, and will be ready on the end of this year with only 25 units.