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First Impression Review All New Toyota Kijang Innova 2016

AutonetMagz – Almost 30 years Toyota Kijang brand arrive for Indonesia customer from generation to generation, so no wonder this launching event of the New Innova make the headline everywhere. Even after it cahnged its name to Kijang Innova, customers interests toward this car are unstoppable, although the car price are not too friendly anymore.

All New Kijang Innova who launched at the Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta last week acts as the World Premiere for the Innova, as it is for the first time it appears in the world. So how is the first impression review of the All New Toyota Kijang Innova, after more than 10 years circulating in Indonesia? enjoy the article!


Toyota said that the exterior concept of the new Toyota Kijang Innova are tough and sophisticated. As Toyota like to emphasize those things on the front fascia, especially the huge front grille. Although big, it much better looking compare to the final facelift of the previous generation Innova. Other good thing is, the chrome are not too excessive, as it is combined with a grey and black with a right combination.

The Alphard styling headlight on the previous generation are removed, replaced with a narrow headlamp. On the V and G variant, it still use a diamond cut type wthout DRL, different with the Q variant who came with LED projector lens and DRL as standard. At the upper and lower of the headlight, there is a chrome list aligned with the grille, while the side indicator lamp are moved near the foglamp who also chrome garnished, plus a pair of corner sensor at the front.

If you see the Innova video who we published, it is mentioned that the new Innova use a 17 inch alloy wheels, but only or the Diesel variant, while other variant use a smaller 16 inch wheels. The new wheels design are not so bad, but we still thinks the 17 inch wheels really make the Innova looks more bold.

A lot of people argues the rear most window when seeing the Innova from the side, either they said it looks similar as the Datsun GO+ Panca or Suzuki Ertiga, its up to you to judge, but the car are made to looks very different compare to the previous Innova.

One thing makes us wonder, if the new Fortuner and Yaris are equipped with a floating roof accent, why not in Innova? but again the detail is quite nice, as special for the Q version, the window lists and door handle fitted with chrome, which still shows the Innova design styling.

From the side we realize a thing, as the new Innova rear brakes still relies on drum brakes, and the inner side of wheel fender are not covered so it looks a little bit untidy. Although the rear brake are a drum brake, at least ABS and EBD are standard in all type, which is good considering the previous generation who lacks of safety features.

At the rear side, our attention more towards the rear tail lamp who looks like Honda HR-V, and a little too plain as it didn’t equipped with LED lighting. At the rear, the paring camera, parking sensor with 4 point, roof spoiler, and shark fin antenna are fitted.


The interior design who looks like Hilux and Fortuner are basically quite interesting for some peoples, although behind the attractive design, it still apply a hard plastic material. We didn’t mind with the plastic, as long as it have a good quality so worth with the price tag, other good news is the fit and finishing is very good for its segment.

The next one is the unique looking design at the door trim who have its own plus and minus, the plus is its good to look at and not too monotone, the minus point is difficult to put your arms in the door trim, as it wouldn’t fully support our arm. Too bad, considering the door trim fabric are looking and felt luxurious with its soft material, and don’t forget, special for the Q variant, all of its power window have an Auto function. 

By fitting an instrument panel like the  Toyota Camry, Alphard or Vellfire, the luxury car ambiance felt stronger, especially for the driver. All information on the center MID could be accessed through the buttons on the steering wheel. No cruise control fitted in the new Innova, but at least the steering wheel now is tilt and telescopic.

While the G and V version rely on a silver panel to decorate the dashboard, the Q type apply a wood panel. Other differentiation are of the Q and V are using a brown color seats, the Q use a black color, with a similar pattern.

Too bad the Q only fitted with a fabric upholstery, quite weird we think, considering the high price tag. The seats are more comfort though, thanks to the side supporting cushion and seatbelt height adjuster for the front cabin. Special for the driver, the new Innova seat are fitted with a height adjuster, besides the slides and reclining setting.

The Digital AC are maintained, but with a new buttons design and elegant screen plus Auto mode. The triple blower AC vent flowing up to the third row. The head-unit also look similar with other Toyota model, but with a better responsiveness. There also the air gesture features fitted in this model, who frankly we think a little bit useless.

Our suggestions for Toyota is better to remove the air gesture feature, and replace it with a GPS Navigation head unit, although the head unit are fitted with a miracast, so you still could use a navigation from your phone. Talking about the connectivity, the head unit are very complete, as it came with internet browser, HDMI, DLNA, bluetooth, and voice command. While under the head unit and AC, there is buttons to activate the Eco, Power mode, and turn off the stability control.

As family car, Innova practicality also improved as in front, 3 cup holder are ready, plus a storage in the door trim and in front of transmission lever. For the first time, Toyota Innova equipped with a cooling storage above the main glove box, suitable to maintain your drink temperature.

One of important point in Innova, are the space for the passenger, which is maintained in this new generation. When sitting in the 2nd row seats, with my posture of 178 cm, I still got a decent legroom and headroom. Special for the Q variant, as it apply a captain seat, it only could accommodate 7 peoples, if you need more accommodation, the V and G variant probably suitable for you.

Like the front seat, the center passenger seat equipped with sliding and reclining. Toyota also proudly emphasize on the folding table fitted behind the first row seat who are available for the Innova V and Q. The folding mechanism is easy, plus the table are quite rigid to be used for a weight up to 10 kg, and fitted with a cup holder, so in a total there are 4 cup holder in the 2nd row, not to mentioned the pocket at the door trim.

Other new feature of Innova are the blue ambient lighting, who usually fitted in the Alphard and Vellfire. It really strengthen the luxury ambiance, and you could set the light intensity from the buttons besides the 2nd row AC located at the ceilings near the AC vent. As for the 2nd row AC already have an Auto button, we think it is fair to say that the new Innova fitted with dual zone climate control.

One thing about the seats, as visually we think the seat are thinner than before, although still felt fine enough to be seated. The seat also fitted with ISOFIX, and a power outlet to charge your gadget also available in the 2nd row seats.

The alley between the captain seat are quite narrow, not to mentioned there is a cup holder for two glass or bottle fitted at the lower side, so it is quite difficult to went through it. That is why the easiest access to the 3rd row are using the one touch tumble fitted in the 2nd row seats.

As we suspected, the third row seats are just decent for grown ups, you could seat quite comfortable but we didn’t recommend it for a long time. Toyota also pay more attention towards the 3rd row seats as it fitted with 3 head rest, 3 point seatbelts for three passengers, plus storage and AC vent. 

The bootspace are still similar with the previous generation, as no significant capacity improvement. The seat folding mechanism also still similar, folded sideways, but the good news is, the folding mechanism felt light, as the seat folding are fitted with a spring at the hinge, a nice little touch which we really appreciate.

Special for the Innova Q, it equipped with a vacuum door technology who Toyota called as soft closing door, so if we accidentally closing the boot door not too tight, the system will pull the  door to a close position (You could see how it works in the video). It is a nice thing, but probably its better if Toyota equipped the new Innova with an electric tailgate like on the X-Trail or Ford Everest, who we think will be more useful.

Engine and Safety Features

Just like we reported before, the highlight of the new Innova are the new Diesel engine replacing the old KD engine, called GD engine with 2.4 liter 4 cylinder Turbo Diesel. With 149 PS at 3,400 rpm, it far exceed the predecessor who only have 100 PS. The torque are set at 359 Nm on 1,200 rpm to 2,600 rpm for the AT version, and 342.2 Nm (1,200 rpm to 2,800 rpm for the MT version.

While for the gasoline engine, still use the 1TR-FE engine but with Dual VVT-i, as it able to improve the engine output to 139 PS at 5,600 rpm and 183 Nm at 4,000 rpm. The transmission choices are 5-speed manual or 6-speed AT, and special for the AT, there is a manual mode fitted for the first time in Innova.

Frankly we are quite surprised with the lack of engine heat damper on the engine hood for the gasoline version, while the Diesel version are fitted with it. There is a test drive session, but due to a limited driving are, we could only addressed several things, as the Diesel engine performs far much better in terms of lower rpm performance, the steering wheel felt more heavy, and the transmission lever really vibrates a lot when used.

For the safety features, Toyota equipped a lot of things for the Q Diesel variant, as we could find 7 airbags, stability control, hill-assists control who are not available in other Innova version. For all variant, ABS+EBD are set as standard, although the V and G only equipped with 3 airbags and no immobilizer for the Innova G.


Finally the evolution of Kijang from peoples car to become VIP cars, are set, as the new generation reach a far much higher standard compare to the previous 4 generation of Kijang, especially the driver and passengers features.

As Toyota take a lot of ‘Luxury’ features fitted in Alpahrd and Vellfire for this new Innova, such as ambient lighting, driving mode selector, folding table, cooler storage, and safety features fitted in Innova Q Diesel, make the car elevates its level one step further compare to the previous Innova we know. Even if we are talking about the feature, it already on par with the Big MPV Sliding door market filled by models such as Serena, Biante, Delica and NAV1.

We also quite surprise with Toyota attention to facilitate the driver with several driving dynamic system, such as AT system with tiptronic manual mode, tilt and telescopic steering wheel to get an ideal driving position, and the driving mode to adjust the drivers need.

But it doesn’t mean the new Toyota Kijang Innova are without any flaws, as there is some detail items who are left behind and absence in a car of this price range, such as no leather upholstery for the V or even the Q trim, no GPS, drum rear brakes, no inner wheel cover, no heat damper on the engine hood, even no Immobilizer on the G variant which we think a little bit weird, as weird as the front door trim design.

There is more, as with this high price range (IDR 280 million to 424 million), a lot of customer sees the new Toyota Kijang Innova as not becoming an affordable peoples car anymore, and may limits their fans ability to get this new Kijang Innova.

But at the end, customers also will facing a difficult choice when they want to buy the Toyota Innova Q, as on a similar price range, there is a lot more alternative with a quite similar price tag as the Innova Q, such as Mazda Biante from the Big MPV segment, or Nissan X-Trail from SUV segment, or maybe Ford Focus EcoBoost from saloon/hatchback segment, and many other cars from other segment.

What do you think about the All New Toyota Kijang Innova? if you need more details regarding the new Innova, just watch our first impression review video from the launching event below!