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Daihatsu Altis, Camry Twins Who Become The Most Luxurious Daihatsu!

AutonetMagz – The car who you see looks like a New generation of Toyota Camry is not what you think, but the badge who probably amaze you, as it is the Daihatsu Altis, who are more familiar as a name from Toyota.

Basically Altis moniker has been Daihatsu’s since 2012, as they has sold the re-badge Camry to several countries with names such as Toyota Vienta, Toyota Windom, LExus ES and Holden Apollo.

Daihatsu who now owned 100% by Toyota completes the Altis with a 2.5 liter Hybrid engine with G-Spec variant similar as Toyota Camry G version, and if Daihatsu tends to have a cheaper price tag, you will be surprised with this new one.

As if you intend to buy a cheaper version, please come to Toyota and choose the X variant who are USD 1,000 cheaper than Daihatsu Altis, as this car price tag reaching JPY 3,499,200 or around USD 30,000.

This steps taken by Toyota to expand the sales of this car up to 2,400 units as the sales in Japan are left behind compared to the US market who able to sell up to 30,000 units per month.

But if Daihatsu sell this car in Indonesia, we really sure that it wouldn’t set any good sales number, as the brand of Daihatsu in Indonesia move towards low cost and affordable cars, not a luxury saloon like this model.