AutonetMagz – The traffic operation done by Indonesia Police on 2 March yesterday will apply the regulation of 279 UUD related with the safety of everyone and rider/driver in traffic by using equipment who wouldn’t disrupt the safety condition. Based on that, they finally stated that the Handphone bracket fitted in the motorbikes included as the gadget category who could disrupt your driving.


Why they are considering to forbid it? its because by putting your phone in the bracket, could distract you when driving, and a lot of people do some multi-tasking in their bike and jeopardize themselves. Surely its a bad news for you who like t use a GPS to arrived at the place you want to.

But worry not, as PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) arrive with a solution for the problem by saying that they are interested to develop a built-in GPS features in their bikes later on, according to Sutarya as the Sales Director of PT. YIMM.

Indeed its not easy to build such device especially in small bikes, as Yamah aiming to fitted the gadget on big scooter like on N-Max. He do hope that Yamaha could realized it soon enough for Indonesia, or the world, “I couldn’t say that it will be exists, but the way to go there are appearing, probably not so long, as less than 10 years or even less than 5 years we could see it materialized.”


As you know, a lot of current motorbikes fitted with a full digital screen, even with a 5.8 Inches of size to show the info of the speedometer and other things. That is why a built in GPS model are very feasible to be done.

But if you think it much further, GPS could remain to distract us from the road as we remain have to see the device to ensure our routes, or will it be like Google Mpas with voices to guide your way?

Motorcycle News, Motorbikes HP bracket: Yamaha Plans To Bring Navigation Feature On Motorcycle!Motorcycle News, Yamaha navigation system: Yamaha Plans To Bring Navigation Feature On Motorcycle!

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