AutonetMagz – If you haven’t read the part 1, you could read it in here. Now let’s talk about some new cars that will be introduced in Indonesia on the upcoming 2017.

1. Agya and Ayla Facelift


As the Agya and Ayla has arrived in Indonesia market since 2013, and not many changes applied. After 3 years in the market and well received by the customers, the next year is the correct time for Toyota and Daihatsu to improved it, as its 7-seater siblings came with a better offering.

According to the Rumor, the new Toyota Agya will be fitted with ABS braking system, just like Calya, so all Toyota car variant in Indonesia will be fitted with 3 safety features as standard across all models, which are Dual Airbags, ABS and ISOFIX seats.

For the Daihatsu Ayla, it will have an ABS system at the AT variant only, as for the engine, it will remain to use the 1.0 liter 3 cylinder to maintain its price positioning at IDR 100 to 120 million, we really wonders what the facelift going to look like.

2.BMW 5-Series


Basically BMW Indonesia are not a makers that taking too much time to bring their cars who launched globally into our local market, as it has been proven as several times, BMW Indonesia brought their newest line-ups in the matter of months. The new BMW 5-Series G30 who just premiered on a couple of weeks ago, have an overall design like a baby 7-series, and will be fitted with new technologies, such as remote parking and gesture control, rear wheel steering, active shutters kidney grille, and a 100 kg lighter weight compared to the previous generation.

Too bad for our market, the plug in Hybrid variant who become the hero model of BMW 5 Series G30 will be difficult to be available.

3.MINI Countryman


The new MINI Countryman design indeed wouldn’t suits everyone tastes, but despite that, surely MINI Indonesia will bring this car to replace the current MINI Countryman we know.

The car will be fitted with 2 engine choices, starting from a 1.5 liter 3 cylinder twin power turbo, and a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder twin power turbo, along with the ALL4 transmission for you who wants a MINI AWD.

The new MINI Countryman will become the biggest MINI ever made by the company, and will become the most advance models, as it equipped with a power tailgate, 8.8 inches touch screen, app integration with smartphone, and other things.

4.Mercedes Benz E Class CKD


Afte rthe CBU version introduced back on the 2016 GIIAS, Mercedes are planning to bring the CKD version of the Mercedes Benz E-Class assembled in Wanaherang factory on the upcoming 2017 IIMS. The CKD E-Class will promise a more affordable price tag compared to the EU CBU version. With those price tag, they hope the overall sales will be increased and competitive to fight against the good looking BMW 5-Series.

5.Mazda 3 Hatchback


After managed by EUROKARS, Mazda will try to sell their products in a more massive but structured ways. As to increase their sales and branding, EUROKARS are planning to bring the facelift Mazda 3 with 2.0 liter N/A, as the Mazda 3 hasn’t got any turbo variant yet.

This car will become a good choices to compete against Honda Civic Turbo, as specification wise, the car has all the opposite, such as Turbo vs N/A engine, CVT vs 6 speed torque converter and its SkyActiv lock-up clutch. Not to mentioned, the technologies offered will be a lot more compared to the Honda Civic CVT Turbo.

7.Chevrolet Trailblazer


The same car who caught by camera being tested in the road of Jakarta, as Chevrolet intend to introduced the Trailblazer at the beginning of 2017. Chevrolet was promising a car with huge power and good features and priced with a reasonable price tag, like other Chevrolet cars who have a good value for money.

7.Chevrolet Spark


One of the long awaited City car as a competitor for the Mitsubishi Mirage and Nissan March. The 1.4 liter 4 cylinder City car who will be imported from Korea will be fitted with advance features and technologies, and to become the most advance and safest city car in Indonesia. As it will come with a 7 Inches Chevrolet MyLink connected to iPhone. The new Chevrolet Spark will become the second Chevrolet car to be launched in 2017.

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