AutonetMagz – As 2016 nearing its end in one months to go, 2017 surely will become an important moment for Indonesia automotive industries, as a lot of new models to be introduced in Indonesia, so let’s discussed it one by one!

1. Honda Mobilio Facelift


Honda who just release a ‘Dashlift’ or dashboard replacement for the Honda Mobilio and make it similar as the Honda BR-V surely will have a facelift variant for this MPV variant. Compared to the previous model, the Mobilio facelift said to have a more sporty and crossover looks but not as tough as the BR-V of course.

Honda will fitted several new features to improve its value, as said that this new facelift model to be launched at the mid of 2017.

2. Mitsubishi XM


Mitsubishi want to taste the sweet portion of the LMPV market, as despite the price tag has reaching IDR 200 million make the whole market decreasing, and the arrival of Calya and Sigra surely affecting this segment, Mitsubishi will introduced this model on 2017, at the 2nd semester.

The new Mitsubishi XM will apply a 1.5 liter engine who remains unknown whether it will be new or a development from the old one. As they have a 4G15 DOHC 1.5 liter GDI with 110 Ps, applied on the old Mitsubishi Mirage and Mitsubishi Colt. There also a turbocharged variant, code 4G15T producing 164 Hp to 197 Hp applied on the Mitsubishi Colt CZT and Colt R, but surely wouldn’t be fitted in the XM concept.

The most possible things is the 4G15 SOHC engine that are being used by the Mitsubishi Colt T120 SS or Mitsubishi Maven, as its quite an old engine producing 86 Ps only, but if you asked about its durability, then its shouldn’t be doubted. But again its impossible to use this engine, considering the output are quite low, so lets wait what Mitsubishi do for the XM Concept.

3. Mazda CX-3


After teasing its potential customers, finally the CX-3 will be available in 2017, as surely next year Eurokars as the new Mazda distributors will prepared its introduction. The car who will compete against Honda HR-V and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport will be fitted with a 2.0 liter engine similar as the Mazda X-5, as the car will have 3 variant of type, from Touring, GT, and GT-S.

The plan is the car to be priced from IDR 300 Million with a top variant less than IDR 400 million, indeed quite expensive, but the technologies are above its competitor, the price is quite right.

4. Nissan X-Trail Facelift


The Nissan X-Trail or Nissan Rouge who arrived in Indonesia back on 2014 will have a facelift next year. The facelift given will be similar as the one fitted in the Nissan Rouge who recently introduced in US several weeks ago, let’s hope not only the exterior who changed, but the features too.

5. Honda CR-V Turbo


The new Honda CR-V generation surely will use the Honda CR-V Turbo moniker considering the success story of Civic Turbo in our market. The car recently launched in the US fitted with a 3-row seat configuration like the Nissan X-Trail and fitted with a 1.5 liter turbo like the one fitted in the Civic, and paired with CVT. The car who become the best selling SUV in the US will held an important position for Honda, who did get a good sales with their 3rd generation Honda CR-V in Indonesia. Will the 5th generation Honda CR-V will reap a success story with 3 row of seats? we will see.

6. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport CKD


After the new Mitsubishi factory officially inaugurated, the first product produce in there is not the Mitsubishi XM, it will be the Mitsubishi Pajer Sport who previously imported from Thailand as CBU. According one of the source in KTB, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport CKD will arrive on mid-2017. With a locally assembled products, Mitsubishi hasn’t say anything about the price or specification, as there is only 2 choices, either the price drops, or add more features.

7. Suzuki Vitara Brezza


The car who displayed back on the GIIAS 2016 attracts quite an attention from the crowd. The car who will be imported from India according to one of Suzuki internal source are being tested, and if the result are good enough, they will import the car directly from India for our market to make it affordable. If it priced below the price tag of Honda HR-V, will it filled the gap of the attractive and hot Crossover segment?

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