AutonetMagz – When Nissan revives Datsun brand several years ago, a lot of people expect that Datsun will gain popularity, as previously, Datsun is a sub-brand of Nissan who used to be building fast cars. But the reality are different, as Datsun positioned towards low level car. This kind of steps were being observed by several other makers who decide to do the same thing, as recent news saying that VW intend to create an affordable sub-brand model.


VW in fact has taken a long steps to introduced this affordable brand in China. Preparation has been done, and next year is the predicted time to be the start of this new sub-brand, and rumored that their first product will take shape of a new SUV followed by hatchback, and saloon.

The name of this new sub-brand hasn’t been released yet by VW, but looking at last 2011, VW partnering with FAW to create a sub brand Kaili who positioned as an electric sub-brand models.


This new sub-brand will be focusing on China domestic market, and there is a possibilities for them to export it to other region, such as South America, Eastern Europe, Africa, India, and Baltic countries. VW itself want to improve their competitiveness in China market, despite last year, their partnership with FAW and JAC manage to set over 4 million units sold or 12.2% of increase compared to 2015.

With their serious intention to develop this new sub-brand, probably we could hope more innovative products from VW but with an affordable price tag, let’s just wait for it.

Car News, VW affordable car: VW Ready To Develop An Affordable Car Brand In China!

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