AutonetMagz – If any of you forgotten, let me remind you again that Toyota intend to return to WRC championship, after 17 years absent form the event. Considering the current competition are quite fierce, with rivals such as VW Polo, Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 208, and Hyundai i20 Rally version, as Toyota will compete with a similar cars with its rival, which is Toyota Yaris.

Recently at the Paris Motor Show 2016, Toyota display the new design of Yaris WRC, along with their collaboration with Microsoft. Yes, as Microsoft will aid Toyota in preparing several technology that will help Toyota performance in the WRC, both technically or in terms of racing data analysis.


Specifically, Microsoft will be responsible for all data processing during Toyota Yaris WRC testing, including to make ease the information sharing within the team, and maintaining communication with Toyota fans. Outside the race, Microsoft will aid Toyota Research Institute to develop AI and robotic for automotive wolrd. Their aiming to perfected the ‘chauffeur mode’ a fully self driving mode where the car can drive itself.

“I do believe that just like Toyota, Microsoft are aiming to enrich the society in a meaningful ways. Based on this partnership, we aim to develop our peoples, and improved our cars through IT Motorsport application and promote a much better car every day,” said Toyota President, Akio Toyoda.


Besides Microsoft logo, Toyota Yaris WRC apply the DMG MORI and Panasonic logo. As no official details released by Toyota yet, but if referring to WRC FIA regulation, the new Yaris WRC will apply a 1.6 liter 4 cylinder turbo with 300 hp and 4WD.

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