AutonetMagz – As an old player in Automotive world, looks like Toyota do realized that the need of a practical and environmental friendly vehicles along with the increase of the world population.


The upcoming Geneva Motor Show 2017 will become the witness of the new Toyota vehicle debut after previously introduced on 2013. Not only just an electric vehicle, but also an autonomous vehicle, as despite its just a concept, Toyota looks serious in realizing it as an alternative of motorbikes or city car.


In term of design, the new i-TRIL really have an unique design, as it came with one-plus two configuration and a wheel structure of a pair of wheels, not like other three wheeler with 1 front wheels and tend to be unstable like the Relliant Robin. Indeed the high roof contribute to the instability, but Toyota provide a solution for this problem.


Previously Toyota create a similar concept and called as i-ROAD, even it been displayed on the GIIAS last year. Just like the i-ROAD, Toyota will apply the Active Lean Technology, as this technology developed for a maximum stability, safety and comfort.


This technology apply a lean actuator and gear at the cross member of the front suspension to be connected with the cross shaft between front wheels. ECU will calculate the degree needed based on the angle and steering wheel, Gyro sensor and vehicle speed information. The final result of the Active Lean Technology is the leaning angle to maximize the centrifugal force at every corner.

Besides working at corners, the system will automatically adjusting according road contour so the i-TRIL manage to be driven in a flat position.

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