AutonetMagz – As previously we bring some information about the new Toyota i-TRIL. Despite it is a concept car the I-TRIL could become a very feasible vehicles, as despite the automotive era will go through self driving car era, the application needs a long phase, and the i-TRIL brings practicality and technology to be applied easily.


But to bad the image of the i-ROAD who transformed into i-TRIL quite changes, as previously it apply 3 wheelers configuration, but on the GMS it become a 4 wheels car.

According to us the i-ROAD and i-TRIl is a vehicles that could complete each other, as the i-ROAD excels in its compact dimension and the active lean technology make it very agile, but it only capable to accommodate 2 peoples as the i-TRIL could cater much more person but with only 10% of leaning angle.


With a weight of 600 kg it affects the handling even in narrow roads. The car could be driven up to 300 km in a full charge, as despite it could become an autonomous, we think we need to see the technology to become reliable first before mass applied.

Toyota vision basically not like the autonomous driving on Tesla, as driver could take control at any driving condition, what interesting is if in the i-ROAD the control are using steering wheel, on i-TRIL apply a joystick besides the MID.


Other unique things is the driver seats could rotate like an office chair to make ease the access. As the door, it opened like the BMW i8.

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