AutonetMagz – We don’t know what in Toyota mind, as they along with their now partner for small cars, are intend to create a new company to focusing more on small and compact cars that will be suitable for developing markets, which is including Indonesia.

This new company will be established on next 2017 January, and as Daihatsu are the expert in developing small and efficient cars, Daihatsu will sit as the expert in this new company, as Toyota will provide the resources and knowledge, said the official statement.


Despite Daihatsu will take control in this new company, a spoke person said to Autonews that this new model will be sold under Toyota brands. “With creating an internal company, Toyota intend to learn from Daihatsu fundamental competitiveness and changes how they work,” said Shigeki Terashi, Executive Vice President Toyota.


“We will bring our knowledge more advance by culturing in the small car development and become a base to boost Toyota Group growth, not only for small cars, but also for affordable cars for developing market, “Said Daihatsu President, Masanori Mitsui. “For Daihatsu, this initiative is a good chance to a sustainable and huge growth.”


Another reason is, probably Toyota want to have a strong presence in other region such as South America, India and Russia, as despite the overall developing market are decreasing recently, but automakers still see them as their main target in boosting their sales volume significantly.

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