AutonetMagz – Continuing the Chevrolet Spin caught in fire at Cawang Highway, finally Chevrolet announced their investigation result towards the event who burn the Chevrolet Spin LTZ 2014 belong to Tommy.

Based on the investigation, they said that the fire triggered by the not standard horn modification, as based on the facts, the horn wasn’t an original accessories and a new electrical relay attached for the parts.

With the investigation result, the warranty was void, as it didn’t comply to the Chevrolet warranty standard written at the guide book.


Hearing the result, Tommy didn’t accept it, and he admit that he has changed the horn since 3 years ago and for three years using the horn, the official workshops never put it into a problem. Not to mentioned, if the horn has a short circuit, than the fuse should be damaged first before causing a fire, and he did use a Hella horn, who also applied by several of car makes as their standard horn.

Another testimony is he said that the fire came from the left side of the car engine hood, where starter cable and battery located who didn’t have any fuse, not from the center of the hood like what GM investigation result. He did questioning the battery who kept on overcharged and swelling, which he have to replace for 4 times in 3 years, and happened almost to all Spin users.


He also said that most of the members of Chevrolet Spin Indonesia (CSI) has replaced their horn who have a better sound compared to the standard version. Indeed from our point of view, this case are quite complicated, due to the car has been burnt to ashes, and for Tommy, he will meet GM Indonesia with the aid of Chevrolet Spin Indonesia (CSI) club, and let’s hope they problem could be solved soon.

Car News, Chevrolet Spin Engine Burnt: The Owner Refuse Chevrolet Investigation Result For The Chevrolet Spin Caught In Fire Case!

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