AutonetMagz – Nearing the end of year and Christmas, looks like the sales are getting lower, as GM decide to stop their factory for a week to 3 weeks, as reported by The Detroit Free Press.

So what is the main reason for GM to do it? its basically due to the demand of SUV and Crossover grow significantly in the US, other car sales decreases. That is why GM dealers have to hold Chevrolet Malibu stocks up to 84 days on November, far from their initial 60 days of target, as people tends to buy SUV or Crossover than other models.


The factory production temporary halted are Detroit-Hammtramck and Fairfax, who will get 3 weeks off during January. As additional, GM factory at Lansing who producing Cadillac CTS dan ATS will be off for 2 weeks, along with GM factory at Lordstown and Bowling Green will get 1 week off, as it usually produce models such as Cruze and Corvette.

how about double cabin cars who become the icon for the US market? luckily the sales remains good, despite their ace, the Chevrolet Silverado not as good selling as the Ford F-150, as if you need 30 seconds to sell a Ford F-150, you will need 1 minutes to sell a Silverado.


To become more serious at the double cabin segment, GM will focus on their new factory developed specially for double cabs, where it will be located on Flint and Fort Wayne, as trucks such as Silverado, GMC Topkick, etc will be manufactured to fulfill the demand.

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