AutonetMagz – One of the world known paint makers, Nippon Paint, officially introduced their Automotive Refinish (AR) Business in Indonesia which is PT NP Auto Refinishes Indonesia (NPARI). EO NIPSEA Group Wee Siew Kim along with Senior Vice President NP Auto Refinishes Asia Pacific Sharad Malhotra and Country Director PT NP Auto Refinishes Indonesia Kuswantoro Pranabudi officially inaugurated this new company at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.

NPARI itself is a joint venture company between Nippon Paint Company, Jepang and Wuthelam Holdings Pte Ltd, Singapura. Wee Siew Kim himself said that NPARI inauguration in Indonesia mirrors Nippon Paint commitment to fulfill Indonesia customers demand towards a high quality paint solution for repainting segment and improve their leadership in the Asia coating industry.

“Nippon Paint itself have a long history in the paint market in Indonesia, as we have been existing since 1960’s through decorative segment and become the leader in this segment in Indonesia. Today, we established the Nippon Paint Auto Refinishes Indonesia (NPARI), as a company to answers the car owners demand for high quality repainting in Indonesia. As Indonesia market are a very dynamic market, and we arrive to fully support its development,” said Wee.


Sharad Malhotra, Senior Vice President NP Auto Refinishes Asia Pacific said that, “Color is one of main focus on the repainting industries. Our partnership with well known OEM and Nax Colobo, enables our spectrum solution to match the color with more accurate and fast. We do own a color searching tools both offline and online or cellular apps to aid the customers. As Nippon Paint equipped with one of the best waterborne system, and proud to have Velocity Repair System as one of the fastest system in the world.”

While Kuswantoro Pranabudi said that, NPARI products could be found in several distribution channel, such as official workshops, individual workshops, and paint store. He also said that NPARI has established a Center for Auto Refinish Training and Excellence (CARTE) at Ancol Business Center, North Jakarta to develop and improved local painter community in Indonesia.


“This training center mirrors our strong commitment in providing a competent human resource in the repainting sector in Indonesia. This facilities will give knowledge regarding application, process, system, and color to the external and internal customers. As all Body and Painting training aspect will be covered in this facility.”

Reports, Nippon paint indonesia automotive inauguration: Nippon Paint Officially Enters Indonesia Automotive World!Reports, Nippon paint automotive paint: Nippon Paint Officially Enters Indonesia Automotive World!Reports, Nippon paint automotive product: Nippon Paint Officially Enters Indonesia Automotive World!

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