AutonetMagz – Finally Daihatsu Hi-Max introduced in Indonesia with a very attractive price, IDR 95 million for the STD with no AC and Power steering version, a slightly more expensive than Tata Ace with around IDR 80 million.

The car positioned to filled the gap of Suzuki Carry 1.0 liter are equipped with a 1.0 liter 1KR-DE 3 cylinder with Injection like the one fitted in Toyota Agya and Daihatsu Ayla. It could produce 57 Ps at 5,000 rpm and 8.7 kg.m at 4,000 rpm, which rely more on torque to carry the goods on its back.

The dimension are quite compact, with 3.395 m length, 1.475 m width, even more compact than Ayla Agya with 3.6 m length, and 1.6 m width. What interesting is the HI-Max wheelbase are only 1.9 m and make the turning radius of 4 meters only. daihatsu-himax-cargo

Due to its compact dimension, the pick-up cargo are quite small, with less than 2 meters length, and 1.395 m width, even if you compared it with a 3 wheel motorbikes Nozomi long version equipped with a cargo space as long as 2.3 m and 1.25 m of width, and it costs IDR 29 million.

But luckily the HI-Max equipped with 4 wheels, so you could enter the highway and you didn’t need a helmet to drive it. As the Hi-Max came with a more complete variant, with AC and power steering priced at IDR 103.3 million OTR.

Too bad the Daihatsu HI-Max only available in pick-up bodytype, if only they create a minibus or box variant, surely it will become a good option for small business in Indonesia.

Car News, Daihatsu himax indonesia price: New Daihatsu Hi-Max Priced At 95 Million, Smaller than Ayla!Car News, Daihatsu himax cargo: New Daihatsu Hi-Max Priced At 95 Million, Smaller than Ayla!

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