AutonetMagz – As Bali is famous with beautiful beaches, and attracts million of visitors across the world to visit them, but did you know that not only the beaches who are beautiful, as Bali have mountains, lakes, hills, and other things beside beaches.

The 2016 MINI Adventure really blow me away, as initially I imagine travelling Bali beaches to beaches using a MINI, but the actual truth is different, as we are using a MINI Cooper to explore Bali island, climbing a mountain, and crossing valleys, a truly a different route to be imagined when using a MINI cars.


So how a MINI Cooper who basically a Fun, Stylish, with a Gokart Feel and high Performance cars perform in long routes with steep roads?

In this test drive session, the participant consists of 2 Mini Cooper S Cabrio, 1 Mini Cooper Cabrio and 2 Mini Cooper S Clubman. As I got the first turn to try the Mini Cooper S Clubman, the Clubman itself is the biggest, longest, and widest Mini, and one of my favorites considering the practicality are very good for a Mini.

Driving a Clubman not like driving a wide and big cars, it still have a Mini impression. As despite it have a slightly different interior as other Mini, the overall design are quite similar, such as a similar HUD like MINI JCW, and the same smooth and responsive 8-speed transmission.


Our first routes is travelling from Bali Heliport to Bali Secret Garden Village, at Bedugul. With a car that produced 192 Ps and accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds, its not a difficult things to follow the convoy. It came with a good steering feel, nice braking abilities, and good performance, during the route, our convoy travel with a speed more than 60 km/h, which is quite a fast average speed for a convoy.

Arriving at the Bali Secret Garden Village, we have to went through hilly roads towards Krishna beach in Singaraja as the next checkpoint, and too bad I’m not driving, as it is my colleagues from Detik turn to drive the car, and surprisingly, I fell asleep despite the car have a stiff suspensions.

After Khrisna beach its my turn to drive the car again, with a routes filled with straight and flat roads, but still challenging as the night has fall, and become more challenging after the convoy raise their average speed, and we need to take over some cars to stay within the convoy. For a Mini Cooper Clubman S, this kind of roads are easy, especially the flawless 8-speed transmission are effortless went through this roads.


After a total of 6 hour of driving with 2 breaks, finally we came to Nayagawana resort, West Bali, we initially think driving a Mini with a bucket seat will make us feel tired, but its the opposite, as your body are fully supported and make the journey felt comfortable.

The next day we got a turn to drive a Mini Cooper S Cabrio with a soft top, moving from the Clubman to Cabrio, is totallu a different things, as besides sans roof, you could close the roof, and have a good sound proof level compared to other premium car with a canvas roof. Its only the application of black color canvas roof make the heat slightly seeps into the cabin, the rest of it no complain.

I’ve got the turn to drive the car from LaCosta beach, through mountain roads of Git Git area, with a 2.0 liter twin power turbo, the hilly terrains is piece a cake, as it only needs rpm at around 2,000 to pass steep slopes, and rarely passing 3,000 rpm, except during overtaking, the car engine are really superior in a low rpm.


So do the suspensions, with a stiffer setup, the body roll are minimum, as the car and the driver are glued together with a minimal body roll in passing turns to turns.

At the top of the mountain, I try to open the roof while driving, as the roof could be opened as long as the car still running below 30 km/h with a full mechanism take 18 seconds, where other soft top cars need up to 30 seconds to fold its roof.

When the roof opened, the Mini Cooper S Cabrio shows its superiority, as using this car are really fun, especially in a good weather, and feeling the nice mountain breeze with a Cabrio is an explainable feeling, different when you are riding a bike, as the tall front windscreen breaks the wind, so we didn’t feel the wind in your face, even driving at a speed more than 100 km/h.


Besides that, using a cabrio, means you have to be ready to become a center of attraction, just like happened with us when we are asked to open the roof at Seminyak area for documentation, as all eyes staring us directly, even foreigners wave their hands to us, as we know, A MINI did have an attractive design, so if you add an open top, voila, that what you will get.

Arriving at Seminyak, we didn’t felt that we have went through over 350 km of journey, using a Mini Cooper S Cabrio and Mini Cooper S Clubman who are really fun. Stay tune at AutonetMagz for a deep review of this car during our trip in the island of Gods.

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