AutonetMagz – With the arrival of McLaren 720S at the Geneva Motor Show this year, surely McLaren should be ready with their customers request for options and details of this new models. That is why they create an apps to cater those demands.

Just FYI, the new 720S will apply the 2nd generation carbon fiber chassis and make them as the first factory to apply this structure, as the chassis to be called as Monocage II.


With a V8 4.0 liter engine with twin turbo, the 720 S could produce 720 PS and 770 Nm of torque to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds and top speed at 341 km/h. McLaren720S-configurator-View

The options available for their customers is just abundant, as you could look at it at this link. As you could choose the McLaren model, body color, wheels, exterior kit, interior kit who covers steering wheel, AC vent, up to seatbelt, along with the entertainment system, safety up to practicability.

Car News, McLaren720S configurator model: McLaren Official Configurator: Limitless Creation For The Customer!Car News, McLaren720S configurator View: McLaren Official Configurator: Limitless Creation For The Customer!

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