AutonetMagz – The McLaren F1, a car with 3 seats and 2 inner rear view mirror will have a successor in the near future.

The car who even not yet to be launched has been sold out before teh actual car finished developed, as the price tag will be around USD 2.5 Million and all 106 units made has been sold out.


The new car with BP23 code will be arrived but not like the track oriented P1, as it will focus more on luxuriousness with a top seed directly rivaling the Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Regera.

So it will be a luxury fast car, with 3 seater configuration, which despite the market response were positive, but the implementation will be different, as surely the 3 seats will be occupied mostly by one person.


As again with 3-seater configuration, means your couple will seat at the rear, but again, the 903 hp of poer surely will entertain anyone driving it. Let’s just wait for its arrival on 2019!

Car News, McLaren BP23 Design: McLaren F1 Successor Will Be Arrived On 2019!

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