AutonetMagz – Audi is a brand who got a lot of motorsport participation. Not only on Rally as they have the legendary Audi S1 Quattro, but also DTM championship, and surely the Le Mans. Their research in motorsport are really intense, as they did create a phenomenon by bringing a diesel V12 engine to the Le mans, some people mock them, but they manage to won the championship.

Instantly other brand follows Audi innovation, and we could see that the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP as the successor of Audi Diesel engine. Among all Le Mans participant, Porsche are one of the model who pay the most respect to Audi. As besides both of them still within VW Group brand, both of them have a strong motorsport image, as seen when Porsche announced their return to Le Mans 3 years ago.

As Audi find out the news, and to give a warm welcome for Porsche, as they send an Audi R18 to go from Ingolstadt to Stuttgart, Porsche HQ. upon arrival to Porsche HQ, the Audi R18 do some burnout to form the saying “Welcome Back” at the asphalt to greet the return of Porsche on the Le Mans with the Porsche 919 Hybrid.

Three years passed, the respect among those brand are not gone, as after Audi decide to quits Le Mans, Porsche give their saying in a video that showing a farmer driving a Porsche 111 Diesel Tractor, and go to Porsche HQ at the location where Audi wrote the “Welcome Back” greetings. porsche-video-for-audi

Using a brush and water, the farmer clean the asphalt, and remove the ‘W’, ‘E’, and ‘L’ words to left “Come Back” saying. Yes, as Porsche waiting for Audi to return to the Le Mans. Its really a good relationship, as Porsche prefer to share their racing technology to Audi, than to VW.

Audi, Audi welcome back porsche 2017: Lets See What Porsche Said For Audi, After They Quits Le Mans!Audi, Porsche video for audi: Lets See What Porsche Said For Audi, After They Quits Le Mans!

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