AutonetMagz – Accident is one thing that we are agree to avoid, and this things who encourage makers to create technologies to minimize those potentials. If you familiar with current automotive technologies, surely you are familiar with the Autonomous Emergency braking (AEB) who said to be applied as a standard by ANCAP since 2015.


For 4 wheels vehicles, the AEB features are getting common day by day, cars such as Mazda2, and Ford Focus are among of the vehicles in Indonesia fitted with this feature. As AEB mated with a wave and camera to avoid crash, but how about if it applied to two wheels? Honda recently surprised the automotive world by proposing AEB patent for 2 wheels, as basically they have a similar technology for cars, and called as Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), who will be applied in several Honda cars in 2017.


On motorcycle, Honda do face several challenges, as the AEB shouldn’t disrupt the comfort of the rider and didn’t create new problems. At the flowchart above we could see that the first state shows that the system will read whether any possibility of impact with an item in front of the motorcycle, if there is one, the system will activate the AEB.

The flow of the AEB could be seen from the 2nd flowchart like below:


If you look at it in details, you could see that during the AEB activated, it will check whether the rider has do the braking by itself, then it will calculate the brake ratio and apply a brake who will not out of the rider control. Besides that, it will estimated the friction coefficient, if yes, the front and rear brake will be limited and ignore the braking ratio, as if not, then the force braking will be applied and maintaining the brake ratio, it done to maintain the natural brake feeling.

The second scenario is if the rider hasn’t do a braking with a crash potential, the system will operate the rear brake while calculating the friction coefficient happening. After that it will check whether the rear brake at its maximum limit, if yes, it will activate the front brake, and activated up to both brake limits, to reduce the crash potential.

If all the system working well, then surely this Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) will work according to what expected, and will aid the motorcycle rider.

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