AutonetMagz – Talking about Honda Big bike, especially in Indonesia, surely you are more familiar with models like the CBR Series, both the 600 and 1,000 cc, or probably Goldwing or the naked version of CBR, the CB series, starting from its retro design, the CB400SF, CB650F, or the CB1000, who only available through importers.

This time, we got a chance to review a Honda Big bike who are totally different from above mentioned, the big bike is Honda NM4 Vultus, and what about our impression?


Looking at the bike for the first time, we think the design are really futuristic, and make the bike looks to come from the future, and you need to know that the bike was use for the Kamen Rider Chase serial, as it so futuristic and filled with a sharp and unique lines. No wonder when we use the bike in the roads, a lot of peoples asking what bike it is, and even asking whether its a modification model of a Yamaha NMax, while you could see that the bike logo is Honda.


Just like the bike genre, a cruiser, Vultus was designed with a low seating position just like Harley Davidson bikes. The wide steering handle are comfortable to hold on, and lightweight. During the riding session with the Vultus, you could raise the rear back support to improve the comfort, and lower it to get a seat for hitchhiking. Just for your record, that they changed the bike exhaust with a R9 Racing Titanium, so the sound are louder than its should be, as this bike really offers a comfortable riding. For the rear seats, the position are not too good, as you have to hold on on the seats to prevent falling, along with the lack of cover from the rear fender, make splatter easily thrown away to the upper section and make the rear seat dirty.


The Honda NM4 Vultus equipped with a 750 cc Parallel Twin with 270 degrees of configuration, as despite it came with only a twin parallel engine, the sound are not like a Kawasaki ER6n or other 2-cylinder bikes, as with a 270 degrees configuration, the idle sound are very similar as a Harley Davidson, with exploding rhythm and bass characteristic. The engine are mated with a dual clutch transmission with an operation just like a Dual Clutch cars. This transmission are one Honda breakthrough to minimize the hand clutch usage, and make the Vultus as an automatic big bikes with a manual choices if you needed, just by flicking the plus and minus button at its steering handle, quite unique.

In terms of features and practicability of a cruiser bike, Vultus wasn’t the best one in its segment, as despite it is an automatic bike, no huge storage throughout the body, only two small compartment at the front left and right side of the bike, as applying the box at the rear also will ruined the bike aesthetics. The side mirror are designed in a unified model with the huge front body, and quite troublesome when trying to bring the bike in between heavy traffic, as its quite wide. So do with the features, as it came only with ABS, parking brake, and no riding mode.

Priced at IDR 435 Million On The Road Jakarta, this bike is the right choice for you who wants to look distinctive in the roads, but remains to enjoy the comfort of a cruiser bike, as frankly from several big bikes we ever try, the Honda NM4 Vultus is the most attention grabbing big bikes in the road, thanks to its futuristic and unusual design.

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