AutonetMagz – Recently a news came out saying about the rear windshield of Calya Sigra who got damaged without any cause. Due to we need to investigate and give a more valid opinion, now is the time for us to released the article which could become a consideration for the OEM for further investigation.

The circulating news showing several speculation regarding what probably happening to the rear windshield of the 7-seater LCGC, and until now, Daihatsu as the manufacturer haven’t got a definite answers.


Daihatsu itself claimed that the car has comply to the standard both in the production and quality control in a variable temperature, so they dare to claim that the defect wasn’t come from factory.

Several others probabilities such as shutting the down too hard, pressure when cleaning the windshield, we wouldn’t discussed, as its not a production related problem. Quoting from other sources inside and outside of Indonesia, several theory stating how a windshield could be cracked, among of them is the installation itself.


Despite Daihatsu claimed that nothing wrong in their manufacturer, we think they need to re-ensure how the windshield manufacturing process, distribution, storage, and assembly, as if a micro tears happened, it could trigger a crack during expansion and shrinkage.

The other things are frame and windshield position, as despite the tolerance of the expansion and shrinkage are very small, it could cause it. What we didn’t know are whether the gap between these cars are always the same? and whether the crack happening due to press or expansion between the body around the windshield? if you are curious, just pay attention on the windshield shape at the side part, who shows the stress at the outer side of the windshield.


Besides that, a theory stating that the temperature happened because of the thermal stress on the windshield are possible too. As usually it happened due to an extreme weather condition and a windshield coating who create a temperature gradation to the windshield. The temperature conducted to the glass are absorb by the glass itself and causing expansion and create a bending process and cracking.

Don’t forget other factor besides expanding and shrinkage, as sometimes the windshield can’t shrink anymore after expanding too much, probably it happened on the customers who experienced his windshield cracking on night time. Besides that, the sealant quality could causing an unbalance expanding between the windshield and the sealant, and causing rigidity on the part contacting directly with the sealant.


Some other opinion are blaming the windshield assembly who are too tight, due to bad sealant, the windshield attached too much to the mounting and didn’t allowed to ‘move’ if a mechanic stress or thermal stress happening.

The windshield thickness, could become an affecting factor, as considering it is a LCGC, whether the thickness of the windshield are being reduced. As windshield thickness will affecting the ability of the car to withstand wind load and support the structure of the rear door. Less thickness could amplified the rattle and impact caused by the car vibration when being driven.


The last but not the least is the NiS, or Nickel Sulfide Inclusion, which is a production process of a tempered glass itself who apply a stainless steel machine who could causing a slight nickel particle to experiencing stress within the windshield. Usually defects due to Nickel inclusion could causing an 8-number pattern with a 3 cm of diameter at the glass cracking.

What we don’t know is whether the windshield technology on Calya-Sigra has adopting the Heat Soaked Glass or not to support this final theory. As you know, tempered glass technology enables the windshield to break to small harmless pieces if an impact happened.


As despite the actual causes remains a mystery, let’s give Daihatsu more time to investigate it, and willingly to conduct a recall if this case really happened to a huge volume of vehicles they sold.

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