AutonetMagz – As Datsun could taste their golden time, as the first LCGC with 3 rows of seats since 2014. As when it launched, the sales are were good, as with a budget around IDR 100 million, we could get a 1.2 liter LCGC with 3 row of seats.

But those domination era has gone, after its rival, the Daihatsu Sigra, and Toyota Calya arrive with a higher price, but a more significantly better features than Datsun, more spaciousness, and available in AT variant.

Recorded, Datsun who consists of Datsun GO and Datsun GO+ Panca manage to sell around 3,000 units per month from January to June 2016 with a huge share dominated by Datsun GO+ Panca with around 2,000 units sold every month, followed by datsun GO hatchback with around 1,000 units per month.


But since July 2016, a lot of spy shots and leaked photos of the new Calya and Sigra unveiled, their sales instantly dropping to 2,215 units , and on the 2016 GIIAS at September, they manage only to sell 2,047 units only, 1,000 units less compared to the previous month.

After the GIIAS ends, peoples intention towards Datsun cars are getting lower, as on September 2016, they manage to sell only 881 units of Datsun where the composition of Datsun GO Hatchback are bigger, with 478 units versus 403 units of Datsun GO+.

It getting worse on October 2016, as according to the Gaikindo data published this month, Datsun only manage to sell 239 units, which is not even reaching 10% of it first half average sales number per month.

The most significant things that you could see is, the sales was dominated by the Hatchback model, as the GO+ with 3 row seats only able to be sold for 27 units only, which means most of the customers probably prefer to add more money and choose Calya or Sigra.


So how about Toyota Calya performance? as it got an opposite respond compared to the Datsun GO+, as in this October 2016, Toyota manage to sell more than 9.000 units of Calya, went up 1,000 units from 8,000 units of sales in September 2016.

Sigra also doing well with 5,000 units in October 2016, and become Daihatsu best selling models since introduced back on August 2016, which we think Datsun should do something and focus on their products to increase sales, as the competition are getting fiercer day by day.

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