• Toyota 86 Special Edition: A Sportier Edition!

    AutonetMagz – Toyota recently announced the 86 Special Edition in the US who used to be called as Scion FR-S before Scion brand discontinued. Toyota have faith that the Toyota 86 will be aiming on young peoples who want a standard sports car that could be easily modified.

  • Honda New Odyssey 2017 Got A Minor Facelift!

    AutonetMagz – Besides their small sedan, the Honda City who got a facelift, at the same time, Honda introduced the minor facelift of Honda Odyssey as their premium MPV models. There are several changes applied on this new MOV, so let’s check it out.

    At the exterior, a minor …

  • Honda City Facelift 2017 Officially Introduced!

    AutonetMagz – After last January 2017, Honda released the Mobilio Facelift 2017, on yesterday, Honda finally refreshed their small saloon line-ups, the Honda City, as the Honda City 2017 facelift introduced at the same time the Odyssey refreshment too.

    The saloon who been existing for …

  • Flying Pop.Up Car, Joining Two Nature In 1!

    AutonetMagz – As more and more days, traffic condition in huge cities in the world are getting congested, a lot of peoples dreaming to have a flying car. As Italdesign who recently displayed a car collaborating with Airbus who surely have a vast experience in creating airplanes.

  • KIA KX-7 Introduced In China, The Next KIA Sorento?

    AutonetMagz – Around 2 decades ago, Korean brand start their existence in the world automotive market and currently, one of the most predominant brand from Korea is surely KIA.

    Surely all of you familiar with some KIA models available in Indonesia, such as Picanto, Rio, Sportage, …

  • Toyota Agya and Daihatsu Ayla Facelift 1.2 Liter Are Being Tested?

    AutonetMagz – For you who need LCGC but remains to have a ‘Brand new’ image among your friends, just hold on, as you need to remember and know that the duet LCGC from Astra, the Toyota Agya and Daihatsu Ayla will have a facelift, following the Brio Satya.

    A video clip enter …

  • Sub-Compact SUV Lexus UX To Be Manufactured On 2018

    AutonetMagz – SUV segment day after day starting to get more congested than before, as almost all make will try to develop new SUV models and gain some market share even though just a little bit.

    After quite a successful story with the NX-Series, and the …

  • Toyota i-TRIL: A New Small Compact Car?

    AutonetMagz – As previously we bring some information about the new Toyota i-TRIL. Despite it is a concept car the I-TRIL could become a very feasible vehicles, as despite the automotive era will go through self driving car era, the application needs a long phase, and the …

  • Mazda Kicked 2017 With 5 New Models!

    AutonetMagz – As several times ago, Mazda Indonesia changed their ownership from PT Mazda Motor Indonesia to Eurokars Motor Indonesia/ With this new management, Mazda starting to changes, and their first steps besides introducing new board of Director is introducing several new line-ups.

    With experience …

  • Meet Techrules Ren, A Supercar Powered By A Diesel Turbine From China!

    AutonetMagz – China are kept innovating in their automotive industry. Several of their cars indeed become their signature to show their significant development. The latest examples from this technological advancement is the car manufacturer called as Techrules.

    Aiming to create a car with a supercar performance but with LCGC …