AutonetMagz – Two wheels market surely is a vast market and filled with new and innovative products. As if one decades ago, cub models are selling like peanuts, now is the scooter variant who dominates the market. It makes cub to move towards company operational vehicles.


But a small niche market who came out among other Cub models, its the Super cub models. So why super? its because the spec are above average, by putting a sport engine, bigger wheels, and a sportier design. Yamaha and Honda did participate in this segment with Supra GTR and MX-King, and now another model are going to join the pack.

Its Benelli who recently released a Super cub, but not in Indonesia, as they introduced this model in Malaysia, after the handover from Benelli Keeway Malaysia to M-Force Malaysia who also acts as SYM Distributors in there. The new super cub named as Benelli RFS150i, and marks their first step into the cub segment and arrive with 2 variant, standard and SE.


It will be fitted with a 150 cc producing 15.5 hp and 13 Nm of torque and an unique technology called as B3SP. Its basically a technology that adopts 3 spark plug like fitted in the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS, as B3SP will be paired with ECU and injection system to optimize the fuel efficiency and producing maximum power. It claimed to be able to reduce the emission, and will be paired with a 6-speed wet clutch.

As the RFS on the name itself stands for ‘Ride For Speed’ due to emphasize more on performance. The cub will be fitted with a front upside down shocks, and rear mono shocks


In terms of braking, it adopt dual disc brakes, with petal disc design with 240 mm in front and 220 mm at the rear. The fuel tank got a 4.8 liter of capacity and a total dry weight of 115 kg. Benelli claimed that it could reach 100 km/h of top speed.

The RFS150i offered in 3 color, a red, blue, and yellow, as the SE will be available in matte grey color, and a price tag of IDR 22.2 million for the standard, and IDR 23.4 million ofr the SE variant.

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