• Koenigsegg Opens 40 Vacancy, Interested?

    AutonetMagz – Surely petrolhead in Indonesia surprised to see the existence of the Koenigsegg CCX back on the 2017 Ferrari Festival of Speed last Saturday. As the car itself considered as a hypercar made by Koenigsegg in Angelholm, Sweden.

    This engineers, designers, researcher from the Koenigsegg …

  • Besides In Indonesia, This Country Still Have Isuzu Panther!

    AutonetMagz – Isuzu Panther indeed is a legendary model, after we discuss the Mitsubishi Kuda who remains to be available in Philippines market under the name Mitsubishi Adventure, surely we couldn’t forget the Panther.

    Similar as the Kuda, Panther remains to be available in Philippines market as Isuzu Crosswind. …

  • Subaru Indonesia Officially Announced A Recall, Are Your Car Included?

    AutonetMagz – Despite remains tangled with the taxing problem, Subaru Indonesia remains to show their long term commitment to their customers. As recently they announced recall for several of their models through Motor Image website.

    The car being recalled are Subaru BRZ (2013-2015), Impreza and WRX (2004-2007), then Legacy, Outback, …

  • Cola Drink To Replace Motor Oil, What’s The Result?

    AutonetMagz – Oil or lubricants at cars or motorcycle take an important role to reduce the friction caused by moving parts in the engine.

    But what happened of lubricants replaced by a cola drink? will it functioned similar like the lubricant to guard the engine component from friction?

    Indeed it …

  • Jeep Wrangler 2018, Still With A Strong Boxy Design!

    AutonetMagz – Despite the actual design of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler remains disclosed, looks like Wrangler lovers joined in JL Wrangler Forums has got a leaked image of the new generation.

    But again, you couldn’t hope too much, as they prefer to maintain their tradition, and remain to use the classic design …

  • Nissan GT-R Track Edition: The Finale Edition?

    The fresh look inside and out of 2017 GT-R Premium and GT-R NISMO models is present in the new GT-R Track Edition. Highlights include the redesigned hood and front bumper, Daytime Running Lights, and matte chrome finish “V-motion” grille, one of Nissan’s prominent design signatures.

    AutonetMagz – Not …

  • Toyota Hilux TRD, Not Just A Cosmetic Changes!

    AutonetMagz – TRD Sportivo probably is a common name in Indonesia market, but a TRD variant in a D-Cab? quite interesting. AS if in our market, the TRD variant usually have mostly cosmetic changes only, but not in Australia, as it includes the performance improvement too.