AutonetMagz – The year 2016, was a difficult year for several makers, due to unstable economic condition. These conditions make some car makers have to shut their operational due to unable to face the strict competition, or cut several models due to bad sales.

This time, we will review what cars that has been discontinued in 2016, So let’s go!

1.All Ford cars


Its been a common discussion that after Ford quits Indonesia market, all things related with the after sales are handover to RMA. Only RMA to handle the after sales, but not the sales, not like what Mazda Motor Indonesia do to Eurokars.

By closing its operation, all Ford cars have to be discontinued, and the only way to buy a new cars is through the general importers, or buy the leftover stock, or the used version.

2.All Proton Cars


Besides Ford, Proton do the same thing, and stop their sales. As since July 2016, Proton didn’t distributed any new cars to Indonesia, and gave a huge discount for the stocks.

Proton as we know, are having a crisis, as in their own home country, they only manage to get 20% of market share, while several years ago they manage to reach 50% of shares. TO save the company, they are planning to sell their ownership of Lotus who just set a good financial records recently.

3.Honda Freed


Among the fierce attack from the new Sienta, Honda discreetly stops Honda Freed production since April 2016. The car who launched back on 2008 basically have a major change in Japan, but due to bad sales in Indonesia, they decide to discontinued the car, and didn’t bring in the successor.

Honda Freed basically proved that a 1.5 liter MPV with Sliding door and Captain seat are not a suitable cars for Indonesia market, indeed a lot of lovers for this car, but couldn’t reached the same height as other MPV like Innova or Avanza, just like the new Toyota Sienta who despite came with a good features, the sales are only mediocre.

4.Suzuki Swift Sport


The 1.6 liter Suzuki Swift Sport basically is an interesting car, as it is the only true sports hatchback imported from Japan with a price tag less than IDR 400 million. In European countries, Swift Sport is an affordable choices compared to the Ford Fiesta ST or Renault Clio Sport who are more powerful at once more pricier.

Just like other Suzuki models who are often neglected, surely the Swift Sport didn’t have a positive respond, despite this car got a discount reaching IDR 50 million.

5. Xenia 1.0 Liter


Just like we reported before, after Sigra introduced back on last August, finally Daihatsu discontinued the 1.0 liter New Xenia model back on July 2016. With this model discontinued, a cheapest Xenia starts from IDR 176 million up to IDR 211 million.

But these steps are not wrong,as proven the Daihatsu Sigra sells well, and even exceeding previous month Daihatsu Xenia sales, and surely solidify Daihatsu Indonesia as the biggest Daihatsu manufacturer in the world.

Daihatsu, Suzuki swift sport 2014 model: 5 Cars That Has Been Discontinued On 2016

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